Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Dragon Lords of Mellvellon

In ages past the High Elves knew of the existence of Palurin, yet for all their arcane knowledge they struggled to maintain contact with this distant world. The Elves were increasingly preoccupied with their bitter and protracted conflicts to defend their home of Ulthuan. Even so, some were occasionally able to venture to Palurin. There they befriended the men of the ancient Empire of Aranur and the friendship between the two civilisations flourished through their shared practices in law, science, art and craftsmanship.

It was not until recent years (2525 by the reckoning of the calendar of Men) that Palurin once again drew the attention of the High Elves as a series of eldritch portals began to open between the two worlds. The Elven Seers warned of the attempts of the Druchii to raid this lost realm, that they might use their ill-gotten plunder to further their wars against the High Elves. So it was that the Phoenix King commanded a mighty
host to set out to the defence of Palurin.

The High Elf host expected to find allies in Aranur with whom they could find common purpose to drive the Dark Elves from the world before they were able to secure a foothold. What they found could not have been more different. The Empire of Aranur lay in ruins as this once-proud civilisation had crumbled to nought after years of civil strife. Worse, the Druchii had not only raided Palurin but had gone on to colonise swathes of its lands. With them, other races had seeded new realms in the wake of Aranur’s civil war. They had surged through the portals in search of new provinces to claim as their own. The wars from the High Elve’s homelands were now reflected on Palurin as the rival factions vied for power.

Now the High Elves, isolated on the Isle of Mellvellon, seek to restore order to the war-torn lands of Palurin. The Elves were taken unawares by what they found yet they were by no means unprepared. Leading the war hosts are the Princes of Caledor, scions of the Dragon Lords of ancient times, and on Palurin they made the greatest find for an age... Dragons. Unlike the mighty titans of Ulthuan, these drakes do not slumber the centuries away, for in them the fire still burns fiercely. True, the Dragons of Palurin are not so civilised and dignified as are those of Ulthuan, those with whom the Elves had battled the Daemonic Hosts in the age of Aenarion. But what they lack in nobility they will more than compensate for in power and ferocity. The Lords of Mellvellon sing the Songs of Awakening and the Dragons answer the call to war.

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