Sunday, 28 November 2010

Holy Sigmarite Empire 185-195PC

In the latter years of the 2nd century PC the Holy SIgmarite Empire suffered a setback. Under the rule of Heinrich III the skaven came to the Empire, defeating the King's army in the field at Hardor before raiding Ravensgart. Over a thousand men were taken as slaves to the Typhonian Enclave, and Heinrich's realm had suffered an embarrassing defeat on its own territory. The Emperor's reign began to look shaky.

Heinrich's problems were somwehat eased in 190 and 193PC with two glorious victories by the Navy. Privateers sailing west were twice engaged in battle by the fleets of Cuitlaxaochitzin, and twice the Empire was victorious, allowing prospectors to exploit much of the coast of Armaethor unhindered. This was helped by the inactivity of the Dark Elves during this period.

Meanwhile the situation at court was becoming tense. Heinrich desperately wanted a male heir to carry on his line and protect the Alptraum dynasty and name. The arrival of a girl, princess Isabella in 188 was of no concern, but the birth of a second daughter, Maria in 193PC began to worry the Emperor and his hold over the Empire looked ever more insecure as his rivals plotted behind his back...

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