Sunday, 14 November 2010

War of Dwarven Expansion

After years of thorough exploration the dwarfs had a good idea of the continent on which they begrudgingly named home. Rangers had identified the foul Skaven to the south, strange pale humans to the north and had some idea of the barbaric humans and elf-kind inhabiting woods and lands to the north, north east and north-west. King Undin declared that once his armies were properly prepared the mountains would belong to the dwarfs entirely.

Whilst these armies were being trained and armed, pressure grew from migrating north-men and foul rat-kin from the south. Skirmishes flashed with greater intensity until 152P.C, when King Undin declared that the clans would march forth to smash both intruders.

Despite some troubling grumbles from the veterans, Undin struck out north first, seeking the barbarian men. He quickly found a huge army gathered to greet him, surrounding their dread lord Traegon. Misfortune dogged the dwarfs as war machines exploded upon firing, whilst the terrible daemonic engines of chaos sent up spumes of dead dwarf warriors with every shot. As the lines of warriors clashed, the dwarf King fell from his shield, disgusting magics crackling about him. As he was carried away he was conscious enough to hear the screams of pain and roared oaths of his dwarfs as they were completely massacred by the superior might and tactics of the chaos men. He returned to Karak Debaz with a handful of warriors and engineers, declaring that the first grudge of Karak Debaz had written in blood.

A second army was swiftly gathered, and with many a worried brow, marched south to confront the skaven menace that had grown so quickly in the southern ranges of the mountains. Under a cloud of volcanic ash, the skaven came upon the marching army. Numberless, they swept on against their ancient enemy. A plague priest’s chittered encouragements were cut short as he exploded in a red mist and his plague furnace collapsed around him in splinters, much to the joy of the dwarf gunnery crews. The main battle was bloody for both sides, but the skaven’s natural desire to be alive led to flight after flight, much to the chargrin of Greyseer Typhus. Having been slightly dazed by a grudge stone bouncing off his head, Typhus watched his last few skaven flee or be butchered, shook his fist in fury and disappeared.

In the wake of this first campaign, Karak Debaz grew and the dwarfs secured more of the surrounding territory. Mining expeditions came back with mighty treasures and a fleet was constructed swiftly for greater exploration. Ambassadors were also sent out to find allies against the threats that surrounded them.

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