Sunday, 28 November 2010

Mellvellon mixed fortunes

The High Elves of Mellvellon had mixed fortunes in the closing years of the 2nd century in Palurin. In 187 the Ogres of Cuitlaxaochitzin, on their regular campaigns against chaos in the frozen north, found themselves with little to eat. Wandering east the Ogres happened on an elf caravan carrying goods back to Drakes Landing, and raided it. This led to the Dragon Lords sending out an elf warhost to track down the Ogres, which they duly did, defeating them in southern Canabrin. The Elf army was attacked on its return journey by the Beastmen of the Kaalroen Empire, meaning that an expedition to resore pride ended up being far costlier than the high elves would have wanted.

In 195PC good relations between the realms of Dwarfs and Elves were put on hold as Elven ships were spotted landing close to Kazad Varr. Dwarven messengers sent were simply butchered, and Elthruin, elven ambassador to Karak Debaz was at a loss to explain why his kin were undertaking such a force of aggression.

The king was quick to send a force from Kazad Varr, lead by commander Frongol Silverthrone. They reached the invaders as the Elves were investigating two ancient stone edifices. Frongol's plan was to hold off, using the firepower of his war-machines to destroy the weakly armoured Elves. Unfortunately for the commander the usually potent force of cannon and stone-throwers failed to find their marks and the Elves were swiftly upon them.

From above swooped the Elven general riding a fearsome Griffon, whilst Swordmasters and Sea Guard closed the lines. In the centre was a formation of halberd-wielding female warriors whose strong blows and magical protection allowed them to overcome the doughty Dwarven Longbeards. Frongol and his bodyguard were swiftly dealt with by the Griffon-rider and elite Swordmasters. The Dwarven commander was run down and killed, the army shattered by the force of the Elven attack.

But if the Dwarfs feared further invasion it was not to come. The Elves were seemingly satisfied with what they had found and returned to their ships. Demanding explanation Ekthurin assured the king that the attackers were not representatives of The Dragon Lords of Mellvelon. Indeed he recognised reports of the Elven banners as belonging to house Wenohtar, a family ruled by their matriarch Atara.

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