Sunday, 14 November 2010

Daemonic curse increases in Palurin

The Wood Elf Realm of Arnar suffered further setbacks in 148PC following their unfortunate defeat to the Ogre mercenaries earlier in the decade. Since then the wood elves had, as they always wished to, kept themselves to themselves and not involve themselves in the affairs of others. "Foreign wars" were not welcome, and the wood elves wanted to keep their focus on the trees, creating and idyllic realm to rival their long lost home in Loren.

For the most part the wood elves achieved splendid isolation during the middle of the 2nd century PC, and the lords of Calminaion rejected the overtures of Mellvellon to join them in a crusade against chaos. In 148PC chaos came to Arnar. Just how the daemonic horde managed to appear in the depths of the Arnar woodlands is unknown, but since it had been explored, the great forest of Anrar was known to harbour dark secrets, as the high elves found out in 160PC when their explorations along the coast met an untimely end when the coastal settlement was destroyed by a horde of the undead.

The daemonic incursion of 148PC was almost as costly. Thousands of wood elf lives were lost and whole regions of the forest devastated as the incursion ran its course. The forest king of Arnar sent an army to deny the abominations, but in a clearing in the forest the army of the elves was shattered by the children of the Dark Gods. The daemons did eventually disappear, back to their unearthly realm, but the exapnsion of the wood elves into eastern Arnar had suffered a serious reverse.

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