Sunday, 28 November 2010

Dwarf Expansion 185-195PC

The Pan Coron Ocean continued to be fought over, during this period, as it’s value in trade and transportation became apparent to more races on Palurin. The dwarfs continued their attempts to secure their coastal regions, with the Battleship ‘Undin’s Pride’ leading a series of engagements against any fleet nearing what they saw as their own waters. When a fleet from Mellvellon strayed too close to Kazad Varr a day long battle saw both fleets reduced to crewless hulks or cinders at the waterline.

Later the same year, refitted and re-crewed, the dwarfs struck at a foreign fleet of unknown origin. These ships did not turn to bring about broadsides, but struck straight for the iron clad fleet, guns and rams bristling from their prows. Many of these strange vessels, crewed by walking lizards, were blown to smithereens by cannon but enough got through the bombardment to smash into the dwarf fleet, sinking most with ease. ‘Undin’s Pride’ was lost with all hands.

Whilst the Elves and Dwarfs settled the details of their new alliance on land, at sea no peace was to be found. Admiral Thorgir Seabeard had ‘The Hammer of Grungi’ on patrol whilst more ships could be built.

“Bloody dragons!” He spat, hobbling to port side as more small dragons few overhead, spitting fire at any dwarf ship they passed by. The dwarf didn’t know whether to put out fires, man their stations against the enemy fleet or return fire against the dragons as they swooped overhead.

“All ships, fire on the fleet! Leave these scaly bastards to me!”

The fleet jumped to action, as much as dwarfs can jump, and set about sinking the magical elven ships that seemed to leap and glide around the cumbersome Dawi ironclads. Soon, their guns saw the enemy destroyed or fleeing.

Still, the dwarf admiral strode around the brige of the Hammer like a man possessed, firing his pistol into the sky, trying to kill the drakes of the elves in vain.

“BLOODY DRAGONS!” He screamed.

Noticing his second in command at his side he spat, “Bring about all guns.”

“Sir, we will be firing just over our own cruisers.”

“Do it! I’ll kill these fiends or sink my own fleet doing it!”

His second strode off, knowing that a long and dangerous afternoon lay ahead. He made a mental note to check how much ale was left in the Admiral’s cabin.

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