Sunday, 14 November 2010

Ogre Crusade 143-144PC

The middle of the 2nd century PC saw renewed expansion of the Lizardmen realm of Cuitlaxaochitzin and the Ogre Kingdom within it prospered. Frequently when the lizardmen were called on for aid, it was the Ogres who were sent, and well paid for their efforts.

In 142PC the northern tribes of Canabrin and the dragon lords of Mellvellon petitioned Cuitlaxaochitzin to send an army to fight the threat of chaos in the region. Again the lizardmen declined, but the Ogres of Graag agreed, for the right price. Mellvellon agreed, and they were allowed safe pasage once again through the Holy Sigmarite Empire. At this time the three nations of Mellvellon, Cuitlaxaochitzin and the HSE were on relatively good terms and were close to agreeing a joint venture against the Dominion and the Kaalroen Empire, but the "Alliance of Light", conceived by high minded individuals in all three Empires, did not come to pass in the 2nd century as petty rivalries and disagreement drove a wedge between mankind and the high elves.

the Ogres of Graag travelled via the Great Easting Road to Arnar in 143PC, but there they managed to get lost, and instead of turning north at the ancient corssroads, continued east. This brought them very close to the wood elves of Arnar, who warned them to turn away from their home. The Ogres however managed to miss the subtle warnings, and soon faced an army arrayed against them. The ogres were not about to change course and a battle ensued, the mercenary army managing to bludgeon their way right through the frustrated elven ranks.

Having defeated the wood elves the Ogres finally turned north, though on a course which saw them cross over the border of the Kaalroen Empire into Skraeland rather than Phallucia or Hjemland. Here the Ogres managed to prosecute a successful campaign, looting and pillaging the norsemen villages and culminating with a battle which shattered the armies of Skraeland.

Happy at their success, the Ogres managed to find their way back to Cuitlaxaochitzin by the winter of 143PC, after significantly outstaying their welcome in Weissbruck on their journey home.

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