Monday, 15 November 2010

Clashes on the High Seas

148PC Battle of Cape Melthu

As Prince Saravael, the fifth High Lord of Mellvellon, smashed the armies of Grand Theogonist Rickard at the Battle of Easting Road so too did the grand fleet of Mellvellon set out from Dragonspire in defence of Elven interests abroad. Saravael had tasked them with seizing Sigmarite convoys as an act of retaliation against the capture and detainment of Elven merchants by the Ecclesiarchy of the Holy Sigmarite Empire.

The van of the fleet approached the coast of Melthu when they spied unknown ships upon the horizon. As they drew closer they saw that these mysterious vessels appeared to be clad in armour and spouted smoke and steam as they travelled, seemingly independent of sail or oar. The Elves, though somewhat perturbed, continued upon their course. They let fly their banners and arrayed their warships in battle formation as a show of strength. The other ships manoeuvred in response but showed no flag nor banner to identify themselves. In his arrogance the Elven commander ordered a warning shot to be loosed from the battleship Asuryan’s Blade, that he might demonstrate the might of the Elven navy to these upstarts who failed to show him the courtesy of introducing themselves. It was to prove a terrible mistake.

The opposing fleet returned the favour with a thunderous volley from their leading cruisers, searing-hot shot ripping through the Elven frigates at the head of the battle-group. The Dragon Lord’s cruisers quickly responded in kind, streaking ahead and setting upon the enemy ships with fierce broadsides as they swept by. Yet the bolt fire was no match for the gunpowder and shot of the foe, and as they closed the gap between the two fleets the newcomers raked the dragon ships until they were reduced to nought be splinters and ragged sails. A few of the dragon ships well-placed bolts found their target’s weaker spots, and one of the enemy was finally brought down, bristling with burning bolt shafts as she sank.

Yet gradually, with the distance between the two fleets leaving the foe’s cannon little room to miss their mark, the iron ships gained the upper hand. The Elven commander realised his costly mistake - the armoured hulls of his anonymous enemy proved too tough for even the broadside of Asuryan’s Blade to best. He belatedly tried to use the superior agility of his ships to break off from the doughty ironclads, but it was too little too late. Now the fleets were entangled, and trapped as she was amongst the enemy ships, Asuryan’s Blade was mercilessly pounded. With numerous holes in her port side Asuryan’s Blade succumbed to the briney embrace of the sea... Standing aghast on the bridge, the Elven commander’s last sight was of the runes emblazoned across the hull of the enemy battleship as she steamed by. He instantly recognised them as Dwarven runes. They read “Hammer of Grugni”.

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