Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Dwarfs of Karak Debaz

49 P.C After a decade of consideration High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer decrees that any Dwarf who so wishes may move through the magic portal... it is claimed by some to lead to another, far off land. Adventure-seeking and displaced Dwarfs flock through one of the last major portals into Palurin before it closes. Given orders to wait for the full deliberations of High King Thorgrim, they begin to build a stronghold to act as a beachhead should more Dwarfs be allowed through to Palurin. King Undin Greybeard is given command of the host.

57P.C Karak Debaz “The Untried/New Peak” is completed. No word from the High King is yet received. Palurin Dwarfs believe seven years isn’t nearly long enough to decide such weighty matters.

61P.C Kazad Varr, “The Sea Fortress”, begins construction. King Undin is criticised by many for his artless naming. The critics are set to work building sea defenses with many mutters of “See how good you are at building a new city”

77 P.C A small fort town is built at the site the Dwarfs originally entered Palurin. Named Kazad-a-Wutroth (“Fortress in the Oaks”.) Dwarfs patiently await the arrival of their kin. King Undin is again criticised for his artless naming of places. Many of these critics are sent to Kazad Varr to serve with the sea defenses.

93P.C The Honourable Guild of Coastal Guardians is formed by the political exiles. Nicknamed ‘Salt Beards’ they rise to ruling positions in the city.

94P.C King Undin sets up a ‘Sea Court’ at Karak Debaz, where beardlings are dressed suspiciously like the Salt Beards and encouraged to entertain any Dwarf in the court with their childish antics.

99P.C No word from the High King is yet received. Palurin Dwarfs believe fifty years isn’t nearly long enough to decide such weighty matters.

104P.C Voices calling for greater exploration of the surrounding region and sea are silenced by the declaration of Undin that: “This is where High King Thorgrim wanted us and this is where we’ll stay until we hear from him”

113P.C Missives from Karaz Varr suggest that a ship was sighted far out in the western sea. The King believes this to be nonsense and denies any request to send out ships. He declares that “The High King told me that as far as he knew no other creature walks this land I’m not going to disagree with him. Are you? Thought not”

139P.C The peace is shattered when two Dawi travellers are found by rangers close to Kazad-a-Wutroth. They claim that they stumbled through a small portal accidentally, which closed shortly after their passage. They believe their cousins to be mad or drunk, as only three months had passed since the mass of dwarfs had trekked through the first portal. Realising that foul magic is at play, a shocked and elderly King Undin declares that another portal must be found, otherwise millenia will pass before Throgrim makes any decision. Until that time armies must be raised, fleets built and rangers set to every point of the compass.

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