Thursday, 25 November 2010

A Diplomatic Exchange (186PC)

An ambassador from the Typhonian Enclave delivers this message to the Lords of Lamentation:

Greetings Elf-things, message I bring you from his awesomeness Grey Seer Typhus, most terrible and all-powerful ruler of the Skaven of Palurin and rightful despot of the entire Skaven race!!!

A proposition he has, yes yes! Your fleet is mighty, yes yes?, but Skaven also have mighty fleet! Squeak! Slaves we desire, obtain them from the race of man we would like. If you will permit mighty Skaven fleet to pass Lamentation and raid the cities of men, Skaven will not interefere with your ships passing our shores. Reach your southern colonies in safety this would allow, yes yes!, and attack nasty snooty elf-things in the east you could!

Just first in long and profitable relationship this could be? For the glory of both our races!!! Squeak.


*the arrogant lords of Lamentation despatch a Black Ark, a towering floating citadel that sails to Boiling Peak bearing a message*

Grey Seer Typhus.

The fleet of Lamentation goes where it desires and can reach its southern colonies with or without your permission.

However, we find it entertaining to watch the lesser races battle amongst themselves, and will allow your fleet passage to raid for slaves. We are sure that we can agree that blood is an entertainment that never grows old?

Entertain us well and we may even formalise the agreement.

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