Sunday, 7 November 2010

Plans of Mellvellon suffer setback (128PC - 142PC)

Following their disastrous defeat by, and reconciliation with, their ally the Holy Sigmarite Empire, the High Elves of Mellvellon returned to the pursuit of their ultimate goals, the destruction of the Dark Elves and the forces of chaos.

In 128PC the ruling body of Mellvellon was dominated by hawkish opinions and rulers. when they found out the Dark Elves were once again raiding in Aranur, along the east coast of the long peninsular, the dragon lords once again diverted an army to face their ancient foe. This ultimately led to the defeat at the hands of Konrad's army, but after a tumultuous battle for the crossings over the river Tiban, while the lords of Aquila looked on, impotent, the Dark Elves had been stopped from crossing into Arnar and raiding there. This was only achieved at tremendous cost and the Dark Elves were only stopped, not defeated.

The vast naval power of the Dark Elves led to a massive construction programme on Mellvellon, construction of ships. The High Elves needed a navy to counter the Dominion and an idea was put forward to serve two purposes at once. An attack on the Kaalroen Empire would weaken the chaos hold over the tribes of eastern Canavrin, where the elves intended to expand their settlements, and would also give them access to the wood they needed to create their ships, without offending the wood elves of Arnar.

The policy led to the battle of 133PC, where the lords of Phallucia battled the dragon lords of Mellvellon. The result was a crushing disappointment for the High Elves, and the defeat saw the armies of Mellvellon retreat back to their island fortress for over a decade. Trade and contact was maintained with the Empire, Cuitlaxaochitzin and the wood elves of Arnar, but the might of Mellvellon had been curtailed.

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