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Kaalroen Empire Embattled (122-143PC)

Following the defeat of Mellvellon in 133PC the Kaalroen Empire then suffered ten years of defeats to various powers, specifically losing four major battles during the period 133PC to 143PC. Two of these defeats were suffered by the lords of Skraeland, but other chaos lords, including lord Traegan himself, were subjected to the sting of military failure. Having defeated the high elves in 133PC, Phallucia gained influence in the Empire, chiefly by managing to stay out of the troublesome wars the chaos realm faced during this period.

The first defeat came in 133PC when the Ogres of Graag from the kingdom of Cuitlaxaochitzin travelled from Cullinor, through the Holy Sigmarite Empire (with Emperor Konrad's blessing) and across the moutains of Mallvass, where the Kaalroens were beginning to reach the passes of the mountains. The Holy Sigmarite Empire was only too happy to allow the Ogres safe passage so that the threat of chaos to the north was kept at bay. The defeat was not a catastrophic one, but the Ogres were able to prevent chaos marauders from raiding Pelenar for at least a decade.

During the period 140 to 142PC the Kaalroen Empire suffered at the hands of Typhus, the suspiciously long lived ruler of the skaven domain in the far south. On the hunt for warpstone in the Branmeren hills, the skaven grey seer defeated the Empire twice in two years, first vanquishing the armies of Skraeland and then another chaos army before returning back to his enclave with his ships full of the precious arcane substance.

Finally the wood elves of Arnar, forwarned by prophecy (one of the more obvious ones) that the forces of chaos would again try to expand their domain towards their lands, and with some urging from the lords of Mellvellon, , sent an army northward and defeated a Skraeland force in a narrow pass in the Branmeren hills. It cost them dearly however as the wood elves lost a venerable mage during the battle who was much mourned.

The combined effects of these defeats were not devastating to the Kaalroen Empire, which remained whole and united as one nation, at least for the time being. The chaos realm did expand along the Cenebrae river in the 2nd century, as well as as far south east as the Mallvass mountains, but no further, and the Dark Elf Dominion had by now eclipsed the Empire as Palurin's strongest.

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