Monday, 22 November 2010

Dwarf expansion 160PC - 185PC

After his initial adventures against the forces of chaos and skaven, King Undin Greybeard spent the later years of his life slowly clearing the Cocatrice Peaks of the threats that inhabited them. This action culminated in the local ogre tribes amassing a fierce army under the rulership of a particularly large and noxious tyrant, Gralg RustyClub. The Ogres, seeing such shiny wealth on small creatures, rushed forward and immediately set to the slaughter of the dwarfs. At a key moment, the ogre leaders were too keen on celebration, and missed the remaining dwarf forces sweeping up their flanks. Despite the best efforts of their largest brethren, the ogre's lack of discipline showed through and the army's back was broken. The remaining ogres scattered, accompanied by some very excited looking halfling mercenaries, loaded down with pockets and arms full of whatever shiny objects they managed to 'liberate' from dwarf and ogre bodies alike.

This victory allowed King Undin to expand his realm all the way north of the Lothlaer forest and begin construction of a new hold, Karak Brynaz (Shining Peak). Contrary to tradition, Undin claimed Lordship over both holds, much the consternation of the council of elders.

With this new land came new mining opportunities. After many years of searching, miners uncovered an ancient tomb, containing magic beans. Unfortunately for the dwarfs, the mysterious protectors of these beans were angered by their removal, and several throngs were lost in subduing the underground menaces.

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