Monday, 22 November 2010

War for control of Pan Coron Ocean escalates

Naval tensions between dwarf and human empires increased in 174PC when a Sigmarite fleet was hunted down by a newly expanded dwarf fleet. "Undin's Pride", the second battleship to be constructed in the yards of Kazad Varr was accompanied by the latest invention from the guild of engineers - a submersible craft. As the fleets closed, the Sigmarites punished the dwarfs for their eagerness for battle, sinking frigates and cruisers with apparent ease. Up close the might of "Undin's Pride" changed the balance of power, and after a raucous exchange of views and cannon fire, the dwarfs were left controlling the sea. Celebrations were short on the deck of the battleship however, when Captain Bolni received reports of the extent of the damage to his fleet, including the ineffective attacks and destruction of the 'belcher' submarine. No dwarf on deck could contain a shudder thinking of the fate of the crew, dragged to the depths, trapped in a metal coffin.

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