Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wood Elves defeat Phallucia

With success in the north against the beastmen, lord Traegan had secured his dominance over the Kaalroen Empire and the supremacy of Hjemland in the realm. With Skraeland apparently content to remain peaceful and the defeat of another of the chaos lords in the far south against the Holy Sigmarite Empire, the lord of Phallucia decided that an expansionist war was required to retain his position in relation to Tragean.

The chaos lord advanced an army south in 123PC, deciding to expand his domain south into Arnar, something Traegan had failed to do in 50PC and again in 68PC, the second time through the lord he was forced to put down in the civil war of 100PC.

Since 69PC no Kaalroen expansion south had been attempted, as every time the wood elves of Arnar prepared an army to stop them, and as the Phallucian army crossed into Arnar in 123PC, the story was no different. Once again the elves of the Quiet Glade set a warhost against the Kaalroens, defeating them for a third time in the shadow of the Branmeren hills.

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