Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Civil War in the Kaalroen Empire

The Kaalroen Empire remained farily peaceful from 80PC to 100PC, with only occasional incursions into their territory by barbarian tribes and Ug's beastmen. For the most part however Ug was contained and the Kaalroens continued to expand their empire, despite the grevious loss of their northern Watchtowers in 89PC.

Five factions now held sway over almost independent realms within the greater Empire, though all owed fealty to Tragean in Hovedstaden. The three most powerful factions were the rulers of Hjemland, Phallacia and New Skraeland, but two more were also vying for power towards the end of the 1st century.

After the loss of the watchtowers one of these two factions lost influence, while the other decided that 100PC was the time to overthrow Traegan and the Kaalroens' dominance of the Empire. The battle was fought in the valley of the Cenebrae river, but Tragean's forces were victorious, consolidating their hold over the Empire and increasing their lord's dominance over chaos. This was further enhanced when the Kaalroen's discovered an ancient tribe living in the ruins of a once great city. By demonstrating his powers, Tragean convinced the tribe to join his faction, and by the end of the first century PC the Kaalroen Empire was easily the largest and most powerful on Palurin.

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