Sunday, 31 October 2010

First war of chaos supremacy

While Ug’s forces were being defeated in Pellenar, the first war of chaos supremacy was in full swing in northern Canabrin. The lord of the Kaalroen Empire, Traegan, could no longer put up with the warlike beastmen on his northern border. Just as the beastmen were about to invade, Traegan sent forth a powerful force to intercept them.

In 121PC, after several skirmishes, a third of Ug’s armies faced the disciplined ranks of the tower of Hovedstaden just south of the great forests of Canabrin. The battle was fierce and no quarter was given, but the power of Traegan could not be overcome by the ravening beast horde. The host was utterly broken by the Kaalroen Empire and the threat of Ug’s beastmen to the homelands of the chaos realm was lifted, for the time being.

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