Saturday, 9 October 2010

Dark Elves win war of Dínethenin Valley

As the first century PC approached its end, the Dark Elf Dominion was expanding rapidly, with more arrivals from the warhammer world boosting its population. The war against Chaos in the Dínethenin valley continued off and on following the inconclusive battle in 73PC, with the Dark Elves establishing permanent settlements on the coast of Canaur in 75PC.

By 79PC the tower of Seragond at the mouth of the Dínethenin had become well established and the Kaalroen Empire looked increasingly unlikely to be able to remove the Dark Elves and dominate the region. So, in 82PC the host of Phallacia emptied from its walls and marched south to take on the armies of Seragond.

The battle in 82PC between the Dark Elves and the Kaalroen Empire decided the fate of the Dínethenin valley. The Dark Elves were stalwart, and their elite infantry slaughtered the warriors of chaos while their barely tamed Hydras, brought from Naggaroth and bred in the new world, took a terrible toll on the chaos infantry. By the end of the battle the forces of chaos had been utterly shattered, and the Dark Elves celebrated their victory, pushing further up the river and consolidating their hold on eastern Canaur.

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