Sunday, 3 October 2010

Beastmen contained (60-61PC)

The Domain of Ug in northern Canabrin drew the attention of the elves in 60 and 61PC as their raiding parties ventured further and further from their homeland. By the summer of 60PC the beastmen hordes of Ug had found their way south and west of the Malvass mountains and were ravaging the plains of eastern Canaur. Emperor Otto II of the Holy SIgmarite Empire banned his subjects from venturing east of the Great Canaur river, an edict which remained in place for decades and would have ramifications in the future.

In late 60PC however the beastmen had reached the river Dínethenin, too close to the Dominion of the Dark Elves. The lord of the dark tower sent a large force to deny the beastmen passage to the sea. The battle of the Dínethenin plain was a brutal affair with no quarter given on either side, but after a day of bloody fighting the Dark Elves just managed to overcome the might of Ug's forces and send them back to the north.

When Ug returned to his domain he found that the High Elves had already taken advantage of his land's weakened state to launch their own campaign in Canabrin. Hundreds of settlements cheered to see the children of Anaerion marching across the cold northern plains towards the forests. In 61PC the elves spent some time in Canabrin fighting the beastmen hordes and pushing them back to the forests. This culimated in a major battle in Autumn 61PC which saw Ug's grip on the east of Canabrin broken, and the elves set up permanent settlements on its shores to watch over the barbarous empire of the north.

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