Tuesday, 19 October 2010

High Elf War of 107

With the Kaalroen Empire an ever present threat and the construction of docks in Novgorod in 98PC, the High Elves of Mellvellon knew they had to do something to contain the expansion of chaos. They began by securing the help of the Ogres of Graag, having been on good terms with the Lizardmen of Cullinor for half a century.

The Ogres successfully raided Novgorod but this only angered the lords of Chaos and soon a much larger army was heading towards the new colonies on the shores of Arnar where the elves had discovered ancient ruins. The High Elves in response mustered a truly mighty host and set out from Mellvellon to land at Dragon's Teeth Bay.

No sooner had they embarked however they learned of the presence of the Dark Elves in Aranur. This could only mean the Dark Elves now had a fleet capable of reaching the east, so the high elf lords split their forces. One army would be diverted to fight their hated kin while the other half would face the might of the Kaalroen Empire.

It was an unfortunate decision. In 107PC the high elves fought a war on two fronts, and lost. Their armies were destroyed in Arnar by the army of Phallacia and the host of Lamentation, raiding while the lords of Aquila cowered in their halls, smashed the army of Mellvellon on the plains of Aranur. The war of 107PC saw the high elves humbled and the might of chaos grow in the north.

Later however the high elves had some good fortune, discovering an ancient horde of treasure in the ruins on the coast of Arnar. This new found wealth allowed them to pay the tribes of Anar to help them settle the region and prevented many from turning to the Kaalroen Empire for protection.

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