Tuesday, 12 October 2010

War of the Elves

By the end of the first century PC the High elves of Mellvellon had begun to send out missions to the mainland with the intention of setting up permanent settlements along the shores of Arnar. They made contact with the Wood Elves of the Quiet Glade fairly early on in their travels, sometime around 70PC, and for twenty-three years relations were good, even friendly. That all changed in 90PC.

The war of the elves, which culminated in the defeat of the Dragon Lords of Mellvellon on the plains of Arnar was mainly a clash of cultures and a disagreement between the two kindred nations over which of them had the right to call themselves protectors of Palurin. The Wood Elves had twice defeated the Chaotic armies of the Kaalroen Empire and when the high elves arrived demanding that they accept lordship from Mellvellon, they were less than impressed.

For two years the elf realms squabbled over their claim to Arnar, which became the focus of the dispute. When the High Elves began settling near to the forests the Wood Elves finally lost patience and attacked in strength.

The battle of Arnar Plains in 93PC saw the full might of the Wood Elf realm fall upon the lords of Mellvellon. Despite their superiority in equipment and the power of two mighty dragons, the high elves were defeated and forced to leave Arnar. Although this resolved the two empires' dispute, relations remained poor for the rest of the century.

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