Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kaalroen Empire resumes expansion (64-73PC)

After fourteen years of relative peace. mostly caused by intrigue and politicking within the realm, the armies of the Kaalroen Empire began to set out once again with the intention of expanding the dominion of Tragean and his liege lords. In 64PC the land of Skraeland was unexpectedly assailed by a daemonic incursion, which alarmed many and not just within the Kaalroen Empire itself. However the Skraeland army more than matched the daemons in battle, destroying yhe incursion utterly. For the next ten years the lords of Skraeland prospered and a third mighty tower was constructed to rival those of Hovedstaden and Phallacia.

Meanwhile the forces of Chaos tried once again to expand southward, but were again thwarted by the Wood Elf Realm who refused to permit the filth of Chaos to set foot in the realm of Arnar. After another defeat to the elves the Kaalroen Empire gave up trying to bring that land under its control, though they never found out just how close they had come to defeating the Woodland realm. The Wood Elves kept themselves to themselves for the next decade, rebuilding their strength after a costly war.

This led Tragean, master of the Kallroens, to venture over the Mallvass mountains once more, following a similar path to that of Ug some eleven years previously. Once again an army approached the river Dínethenin and as before the dark elf lords refused to stand idle. The armies of Tragean were however no beastmen rabble, and the two great armies shadowed each other in the foothills of the moors of mourn, as the Kaalroens attempted to get behind the dark elf warhost, cutting them off from their homeland. However they could not be outflanked and eventually the two armies fought a set piece battle in a high pass near to Crocket's peak. After several hours of hard fighting it became clear to lord Tragean that only by destroying both armies would he be able to pass into Canaur. This made no sense, so the Chaos army reluctantly returned to Hovedstaden, its campaign only half complete.

The Dark Elves meanwhile suffered heavy casualties and although they had prevented another Empire from claiming dominion over their coast, they had failed to defeat the Kaalroen Empire in open battle.

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