Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Second Dark Elf War

Just over 40 years had passed since the Lizardmen and Dark Elf nations fought a bitter war over the lands of Armaethor, a wide peninsular to the west of Arvin Isle and the Dark Elf Dominion, lying to the south east of Cullinor and the home of the Slaan. That war had ended in stalemate and neither side had emerged victorious. Since then the two empires had grown and now rivalled each other for the second most powerful nation on Palurin.

The second Dark Elf war, as reckoned by the Lizardmen, broke out in the hot summer of 85PC, when the host of Lamentation landed once more on Armaethor and travelled north in search of tribes to enslave. Learning of this the Lizardmen responded by sending a massive army of their own, and the two clashed on the shores of Galamor bay just after dawn.

The two vast armies practically stumbled upon each other and neither had deployed for battle. Despite this the Dark elves attacked, with much of their force concentrated on their enemys' left flank. The lizardmen meanwhile, spread over ground which sloped gently down to the sea were more spread out, but managed to weather the first charge of the Dark Elves. Luck, or the gods was on their side and by nightfall the dark elves had been surrounded and destroyed, their remnants scattered.

For two years the Lizardmen controlled Armaethor before returning to Cullinor and the construction of a new and mighty temple in the heart of their realm. It was left to the Ogres of Graag to keep vigil in the south. In 87PC the dark elves returned, this time an army loyal to Lord Seragond who had recently established New Naggarond on the shores of Canaur. From his capital, New Har Ganeth, Seragond sent an army to exploit the region of Armaethor, to enslave its inhabitants and dominate the land where his rivals in Lamentation had failed. Seragond's army clashed with the Ogre mercenaries in the autumn of that year, defeating them and establishing Dark Elf Hegmony over the region once more.

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