Thursday, 14 October 2010

Typhus victorious (Skaven official history...)

Warpstone is the lifeblood of skaven society, acting as both its energy source and main means of currency. For the Boiling Peak nest to continue to thrive warpstone needed to be found, and in large amounts. Typhus dispatched expeditionary forces far and wide to scour Palurin for warpstone deposits.

One deposit was found in the far north near the planet's frozen pole. In ages past the elves of palurin had erected a circle of waystones as a containment measure around the crash site of a warpstone meteorite. Not trusting his grasping underlings, Typhus travelled north to oversee the reclamation of the warpstone personally. To his frustration he found his way barred. The skaven activity around the site had drawn the attention of the nearby Domain of Ug and a large force of mutated beastmen arrived to challenge the skaven for the meteorite.

Fuelled by rage and half maddened by the nearby presence of warpstone Typhus summoned all his might. As bloody carnage erupted in the centre Typhus unleashed the changing power of the horned rat on the obstreperous beastmen, mutating them into skaven and turning them on their former allies. Although the beastmen fought with a ferocity and single mindedness typical of the minions of the dark gods they were surrounded and unsupported and only a few survived to escape the field.

Typhus felt a feeling of smug self-satisfaction wash over him. His followers were overawed by the sheer destruction he had personally unleashed which should ensure their loyalty for at least a little while to come. And the beast's shaman leader, turned into a pathetic mewling and stunted skaven would serve well as both a pet and a reminder of the fate of all those who opposed Typhus!

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