Sunday, 12 December 2010

War on the Ocean

Typhus glared at the miserable wretch cowering in front of his ornate throne. Many iron clads of the Boiling Peak defence fleet, jewel in his crown, had been destroyed and as captain of the last surviving frigate this idiot was thus in command and so fully responsible for what had happened.

The tiresome man-things had continued to infest the seas around Boiling Peak, hung up on some tiresome grievance from many years ago. Sometime about enslaving their population, Typhus wasn't sure. This inability to let the post go showed a frankly depressing level of emotional immaturity. Typhus absent mindedly caused the frigate commander's blood to boil in his veins, eliciting a brief high pitched squeal of pain before steaming gore erupted from his eyes, ears and nose and he fell limp. Such was the penalty for failing Typhus, demi-god of the Skaven race!

The mighty warpstone driven iron clads of Boiling Peak had been magnificent creations, works of art, the products of a master race. They had proven superior to the crude wooden ships of the humans in every way, destroying their fleets that plagued Boiling Peak and pursuing the few survivors right back to their own ports. However the commander had got greedy, strayed too close for too long. The humans had sailed frigates filled with black powder into the midst of the iron clads and destroyed them, the last desperate act of a beaten foe.

In truth Typhus was a little relieved. The iron clads had needed vast quantities of warpstone for their reactors, warpstone which still had to be obtained from the far north. They were ruinously expensive and Typhus was better rid of them. Typhus would order the building of a new fleet of ships, one more easily created and replaced that could be used in risky raids. The remaining iron clads would protect the port of Boiling Peak and serve as visible reminders to his awed populace of the power at his command.

Following the battles with the skaven in 214, the HSE fleet was once again in action in 216PC following a disagreement with Mellvellon. The Holy Sigmarite Empire demanded free passage to trade with Aranur, but the new colony of Seil-Falas demanded tribute from passing trade vessels. After being turned back for refusing to pay the Sigmarites returned with a warfleet and sunk the opposing Elf ships, trading with Aranur and avoiding the tax.

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