Sunday, 12 December 2010

Raid on Sein-Craban

Typhus looked down upon the thronging hive of verminous multitudes and was pleased. The first stage in his master plan for world domination was complete! Despite the petty interference of lesser races the Skaven had thrived and multiplied on Palurin. Under his divinely inspired leadership the complex of arcane laboratories, foundries and factories atop Boiling Peak were complete and the volcano's power tamed and harnessed to his will. The port of Boiling Peak itself was a colossal warren of sprawling tunnels, chambers and nests, home to a mass of competing clans. His power base was secure and he had all the tools he needed to begin undermining the other great powers inhabiting the planet. His mighty legions and fleets would go forth and conquer in his name, for the greater glory of Typhus and the Horned Rat himself!

A recent raid on a nearby and newly established Elven colony had provided a foretaste of the bloodshed and anarchy to come. The Elves were becoming too bold and impinging on territory that rightly belonged to Typhus, beloved of the Horned One himself. In time they would have to be dealt with but for now the brutal raid had served as a warning to the arrogant Elf-things that the Typhonian Enclave was not to be underestimated. It would be Skaven, not Elf kind that would come to rule the continents of Palurin!

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