Thursday, 2 December 2010

The death of King Undin (198PC)

By the end of the second century, the Dwarfs of Palurin had prospered and grown after their hundred years of isolation. Karak Debaz had become a sprawling hold, equal in size to any hold of the old world. Having cleared the northern reaches of the Cicatrice peaks Karak Brynaz had grown to be a sizeable example of breathtaking dwarven craft and Piquet Pass now well guarded. By this time King Undin was 489 years old, thoroughly old by dwarf standards, but still he battled for the security of the realm.

Finally, In 198P.C, having swept through the mountain range to the north of Karak Brynaz, clearing it of threats, he came face to face with his end. A mighty war host had marched south from the Kaalroen empire. Erectus Dominus of the tower of Phallucia led countless barbarian warriors against the dwarfs. The battle was a bloody affair. Dawi war machines tore chunks in the massed ranks of the northmen, whilst chaos magic froze and incinerated the stout warriors of the mountains.

Finally Undin sighted the chaos lord, and led his elite hammerers into a huge horde of snarling barbarians. Armour and skill mattered little in the fray, blood flowed freely from both sides, slicking the ground. Suddenly a blinding purple light exploded from one of the chaos wizards. All eyes watched the giant orb blast through the elite dwarfs and into the bunched ranks of longbeards who manoeuvred behind them, decimating both units and sending the longbeards to flight. No one noticed the fate of the wizard and those stood closest to him, all ripped apart by uncontrolled energies. King Undin, blinking furiously, climbed back onto his shield and valiantly lurched back into the battle, decapitating the Chaos Lord Erectus, even though the last of his hammer wielding bodyguard was hacked to pieces. The final report brought back by the remnants of the army, was of King Undin being overwhelmed by barbarians on all sides, their axes rising and falling, stained red with his blood.

Prince Morgrim Undinsson is said to have received the news with his trademark stoic expression. His coronation speech was short and dour. “The first grudge is written in our own great book of grudges brothers. Vengeance must be ours. Changes, blood and war are coming.”

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