Thursday, 16 December 2010

Battle of Morrfin Bay

The victory of the High Elves of Mellvellon against their foes in the north following the Battle of the Fortress of Dawn could not have been more at odds with their fortunes on the other side of the continent.

By the second century PC the Dragon Lord’s fleet was sufficiently large so as to be able to dominate much of the Great Rhun Sea. Ever eager to explore further the Elven captains used this advantage to make wider forays round the Cape of Melthu (giving Boiling Peak a wide birth) to venture out into the Pan Coron Ocean.

However, upon reaching Morrfin Bay the fleet of the Dragon Lords was brought to heel by the might of Cacauaxochitl. The Lizardmen had previously tolerated the odd Elven ship straying into their midst. However when the battleship Torfiel’s Ruin was sighted in the bay, accompanied by a full complement of cruisers and escorts, the Lizadmen interpreted this as a sign of aggression on the part of the Elves.

The Lizardmen quickly put their vessels to sea and were ruthless in their attack- they rained fire down on the dragon ships, sinking some at extreme range, before closing to ram and board every vessel that crossed their path. The Dragon Lords attempted to return fire but struggled to form a cohesive battle line as the Lizardmen ploughed into their ships with savage abandon. Torfiel’s Ruin was hammered mercilessly, though not before she had managed to set the Lizardmen’s leading battleship aflame.

Torfiel’s Ruin was prized by the Lizardmen after boarding parties slaughtered the Elven crew. Their own vessel then quickly succumbed to the numerous fires on board, and the great ship gently hissed and steamed as she gradually lapsed beneath the waves. In spite of the loss of their lead vessel the Lizardmen had demolished the Elven fleet. It would be some time before Elven captains would again dare to venture into Morrfin Bay.

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