Sunday, 5 December 2010

Unrest in the Kaalroen Empire

The union of the Beastmen realm and the Kaalroen Empire in 167PC was met with different reactions across the chaos realm. The lords of Phallucia were indifferent, while Tragean and the rest of Hjemland were content to see how the alliance panned out. In the long term the immortal chaos lord no doubt planned to exploit the beastmen realm to his own benefit, and an alliance meant a cessation to the wars in the north.

The Skraelings however objected loudly to the union with the beastmen. To the king of Skraeland the beastmen of the north were far from natural allies to the men of the Empire, and represented the disorganised, violent and ugly side of chaos. Skraeland wanted nothing to do with the beastmen and by 200PC bad feeling between the beastmen and the tower of Skraeland had reached a critical point.

Punitive raids carried out by small warrior bands of Skraelings escalated and by 202 New Skraeland had raised a full size army which marched into the domain of beasts. the battle of the north saw the beastmen defeated, but the lords of Phallucia and Hovedstaden, the two other most influential lords of the Kaalroen Empire, remained apathetic, while the wandering nurgle tribes continued to promote the alliance. The net result was the maintenance of the status quo. The Skraelings made very little out of their victory, the beastmen having very little of any worth, while the defeat did not significantly dent the destructive power of the beastmen, which remained in the orbit of the Kaalroen Empire at the beginning of the 3rd century PC.

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