Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mellvellon expands influence

As the 2nd Century PC began, the High Elves of Mellvellon continued to expand their navy, and their influence on the northern continent of Palurin. In 199PC a new colony was founded in the far south, between Melthu and Aranur, on the Endwe river. Here a settlement began to grow, named Sein-Craban by the High Elves, and by 203 the new colony had attracted the attention of its neighbours, the dwarfs and skaven.

The dwarfs found out about the colony relatively quickly, but were content to let the elves settle in the lowlands. However the constant attention of rogue elven privateers on the high seas did leas to a naval battle in early 203. Neither the elves nor the dwarfs could claim victory, though the privateer raids did subside.

In the autumn of 203 Typhus turned his attention to the elven colony. Enraged by its existence so close to his realm, and angered that his minions had done nothing to stop its growth, Typhus sent an army to defeat the elves. The lords of Mellvellon got wind of this intention before the skaven arrived in their territory, and a battle occurred on the narrow isthmus joining the Typhonian enclave to the rest of the continent. The battle was bloody and decisive, with the elven warhost scattered before the might of the skaven overlord. However Typhus was unable to press home this victory and the colony of Sein Craban remained, for the time being at least. Typhus would wait, and plot. the colony was doomed in the long run anyway. The only question would be by land or sea...

Further north the eternal watch of the Fortress of Eternal Dawn was tested once again in 209PC. An army from Skraeland, determined to rid their sea port of this elven carbuncle attacked the fortress in the high summer, when the waters of the Cenebrae were low. Rather than stay in their keep, the lords of Mellvellon rode out to meet their attackers, and the leaders of the Skraeland army were surprised by the size of force which the elves were maintaining so close to their lands. The battle ended in a heavy defeat for the Kaalroen Empire, and the lords of Skraeland petitioned the other lords of the Empire to raise an even bigger force to wipe the fortress of Dawn off the map. Tragean and the overlords of Phallucia considered this in turn. Skraeland however did not invite the beastmen to join them...

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