Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dominion resumes campaigns

After more than 60 years of quiescence, while internal rivalries, politicking and scheming defelected the attention of most Dark Elves away from world domination, the Dominion once again looked outside its own borders. After many decades of strife within the Empire a new leadership had emerged whose strength united the Dark Elf people behind one purpose, the domination and enslavement of the lesser races.

Dependent on constant warfare and victories to maintain their rule, the lords of Lamentation set out on a major campaign in 210PC, heading north into the cold and forbidding forests and tundra of northern Canabrin in search of appropriate enemies for their "sport". They roamed much of the frozen land, encountering large beastmen armies on many occasions, though two battles during the summer months stand out. The first occurred as the Dark Elves reached the Domain of Beasts in the Kaalroen Empire. A vast host of beastmen barred the way, but the Dark elves smashed them, allowing them to sack the northern settlements north of Hjemland and take many slaves for sport.

The second battle took place late in the campaign season, as the Dark Elves prepared to head south. The beastmen attempted to ambush the Dominion army and demonstrate the power of the Kaalroen Empire, but once again the beastmen were defeated and the Dark Elf warhost returned to Lamentation late in the year to the acclaim of the populous.

By 213PC Dark elf mariners had circumnavigated Palurin, the first Empire to do so, and landed expeditions on all continents. Their power was waxing once more and in 214PC a slaving mission down the west coast of Aranur met a large army from the Dwarf Kingdom. The dwarfs were defeated and the Dark Elves succeeded in taking many slaves and enriching the empire with the wealth of the land. In Sigmarheim the ambassadors of Cuitlaxaochitzin, Mellvellon and the Dwarf Kingdom began once more to talk of an alliance against the twin threats of the Kaalroen Empire and the Dominion.

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