Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Something Rotten on Basslaer Island

During 29PC the wood elves of the Quiet Glade received ominous portents regarding the isle of Basslaer far to the west of their domain. For many weeks the elf lords pondered their response as it became clear that a daemonic portal was beginning to open in the far west. With no other learned races to turn to and the Lizardmen of Cullinor unwilling to help, the wood elves resolved to send an army west under Lord Ralain in 30PC.

After a long and secretive journey across the mountains, through Canaur and to the south of Cullinor, Ralain and his warhost reached the Isle of Basslaer. What they found was even worse than the rumours and shadows of their dreams. A mighty host of daemons had already materialised on the island, and their shambolic ranks formed up infront of the elven army. Ralain formed up his troops to do battle, alone against the forces of Chaos. the battle of Basslaer had begun.

According to official wood elf history the ageing lord Ralain, seeing that the battle was lost, sacrificed himself to allow his army to escape the Island. Other scholars have suggested that the wood elf lord arrogantly challenged the leader of the daemonic host, a mighty Bloodthirster, to single combat believing he could slay the beast. Either way Lord Ralain was unceremoniously squashed by the towering creature and the wood elves fled.

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