Saturday, 11 September 2010

Skaven Raids 22-24PC

Work on the diabolical machinery and arcane laboratories at Boiling Peak was proceeding well, but in order to complete it Grey Seer Typhus needed to settle a few last details. He needed further knowledge and unholy wisdom, the kind possessed by the followers of the dark gods. He also needed large quantities of warpstone to power his technology and pierce the veil between worlds.

Venturing from his laboratories for the first time in years, Typhus established a standing army commanded by his least untrustworthy lieutenants to keep control of the populous in the underground warrens and also a sizeable fleet to defend the peninsula and speed his expedition across the oceans.

In the north he finally discovered that which he sought. On locating the empire of Lord Treagan Typhus began raiding outlying settlements until one of Traegans warlord's came forth to offer battle. The chaos lackies were of course totally outmatched by Typhus' strategic and tactical brilliance and even his Clan Pestilens allies' despicable attempts to sabotage his plans by unleashing a plague onto the Skaven army failed to hinder his inevitable victory. The Skaven captured much warpstone and slaves from the chaos forces, including a coven of witches and warlocks who would provide the final pieces for Typhus' masterplan!

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