Sunday, 26 September 2010

Chaos expansion checked

After the failed attempt to expand the empire northward in 47PC, Tragean resolved to rectify the situation by conquering the territories to the south of Phallacia. Skirting around the ruins of an old city, the warhost of chaos travelled south into the land of Arnar, coming ever closer to the forests and the Wood Elf realm in the quiet glade. This was something the wood elf lords could not tolerate.

In 50PC a major battle was fought under the eaves of the great woodland which sweeps from the moors of mourn to the bay of Cullbain in the far north east. Tragean’s luck, or the will of the gods, was not with his army on that day, as the wood elves overcame his armies with comparative ease, as the Kaalroens discipline and equipment betrayed them. Despite the frustration of the Lord of Hovedstaden, the armies of Hjemland were defeated and the Kaalroen Empire’s expansion checked. The wood elves returned to their lands, tending the trees, while the wrath of Tragean saw many of his generals executed for incompetence in long and terrible ways.

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