Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Expansion of the Kaalroen Empire

From 25-50 PC the central plains of Palurin west of the Branmeren hills saw the ever increasing might of the Kaalroen Empire, a conglomeration of northern ment worshipping forbidden Gods. Central to this Empire was Hovedstaden and the realms of Skraeland and Hjemland which was fully conquered by 40PC. New tribes were added and a second city founded further south on the lower Cenebrae river.

In 24PC the Kaalroen had received a major boost to its power after a major battle between the tribes of the lower Cenebrae and the Aquilan Empire. The Aquilans were looking to dominate the land as far north as the Cenebrae and the tribes of men who lived there turned to Hovedstaden for help. The result was an overwhelming victory on the field of battle which thwarted the Aquilan's plans for expansion northward for more than a decade. The victory also ensured the fealty of the southern tribes to the lord of Hovedstaden, Tragean.

The capricious and apparently immortal leader of the Chaos realm in 40PC now held sway over a vast territory and began to extend its influence east towards the sea. By 30PC the High Elves had landed on the Island of Mellvellon in the far east of Palurin. having been blown off course in time by the strange Palurin portals, despite having departed long before some of the other now established Empires.

Upon arrival in Palurin the High Elves established a kingdom on Mellvellon, and their power grew in the first decade of the new realm and their first victory in battle came in 23PC. An ogre army loyal to the Lizardmen of Cullinor was defeated after the Lizardmen took objection to a high elf sea expedition which arrogantly informed the lizardmen of their obligation to adhere to the High Elf plans for Palurin. The Lizardmen had no intention to be subjects of the elves and a brief period of hostility was ended by the battle of the tower, when the Ogre mercenaries were sent to dislodge the high elf expeditionary force from the west.

The Ogres failed, but without sufficient force to maintain their colonial presence the high elves returned to Mellvellon, patching up relations with the lizardmen and beginning their watch over the mouth of the Cenebrae. In 36PC those High Elves who desired open war with the Chaos kingdom of Kaalroen finally got their way but a disasterous expedition to Hjemland which saw the loss of over 2000 high elf warriors severely reduced their influence over the rulers of Mellvellon.

Meanwhile the Kaalroen Empire continued to prosper, its war economy benefitting from the continual small battles and wars with tribes on its borders, and watched with considerable growing alarm by its neighbours, even as far as Sigmarheim in east Canaur.

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