Wednesday, 25 August 2010

War of Chaos Expansion (5-6PC)

With the Mallvass Mountains cleared of enemy armies, the armies of Chaos wandered across the northern plains of Canaur for much of the 5 and 6 PC. At this time there were poor pickings for the Kaalroens and norsemen of Skraeland, but they did encounter the Cloudy Mountain Orcs, culminating in a major battle in 6PC. The Orcs were defeated but retreated safe into their mountain strongholds, and in the years after, the norsemen returned over the Mallvass range and continued their persecution in Canabrin.

The Orcs, having been bested in the east, now turned their attentions to the west, ravaging and pillaging the sparsely populated realm of Arloth, after local tribes refused to pay them tribute. This activity concerned the Lizardmen, and by 12PC they were worried enough to send an army to put the Orcs in their place. A mercenary ogre army was dispatched, and after a savage battle the Cloudy Mountain Orcs were once again forced back into their mountain hideouts, where they multiplied.

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