Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Battle of Mallvass Pass (5PC)

The army of the Sigmarite Empire never reached Canabrin however, After many weeks marching across the empty lands of Canaur, they reached Mallvass pass in the Mallvass mountains which separated the two lands. There they found the Kaalroen army massed, blocking their way in the narrow pass.

The Empire force gave battle, though manoeuvre was practically impossible in the narrow confines of the valley between the high peaks. Von Halbrecht led his cavalry down the left flank, breaking the Kaalroen light infantry marauder units, and it appeared victory would be possible. In the centre of the battlefield the Empire blackpowder weapons and artillery did considerable damage to the chaos force, but nothing could stop the Kaalroen cavalry from slicing through the Empire lines on the opposite flank.

At this critical point in the battle, Halbrecht lost his nerve and refused to take on the elite chaos infantry in the centre, instead preferring to “await events”. As he waited, the rest of the Empire army, including his own elite greatswords, was cut down by the combined strength of the Kaalroen infantry, heavy knights and trolls. Halbrecht was forced to retreat and returned to the Empire in disgrace. It would be many years before the Sigmarites could put forward such a force again, and it is said Otto wept at the news of the destruction of his armies.

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