Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Age of Expansion

Following the initial colonisations the first new colonists began to come together and found their own nations, usually in the image of their homeland. The first of these were the Holy Sigmarite Empire in Canaur, and after twenty years of separation from the Empire, Otto Alptraum declared himself Emperor of the new realm, becoming Otto I. This year was determined to be year 1 PC (Palurin Calendar).

By this time other nations had already sprung up. North of the plains of Canaur in the Cloudy Mountains, orcs had established a realm, and the “Cloudy Mountain Orcs” soon began attempting to charge a tribute to anyone who wished to pass through the mountains between Canaur, Armeren and Canabrin.

Further to the west, the Lizardmen and a group of ogre mercenaries had established a kingdom, while in Canabrin, on the Canabrae river, ferocious bands of norsemen had settled in two distinct regions which they named Hjemland and Skraeland. In 5 PC these small countries were unified under the rule of Lord Traegan and his chaos worshipping followers, founding the Kaalroen Empire.

The Kaalroens then began sending out raiding parties, expanding their borders and bullying local tribes of men into subjugation while doing nothing for them in return. Late in 5 PC an emissary from the northern tribes was received by Emperor Otto in Sigmarheim. The emissary appealed for aid and sensing an opportunity to gain new territories and followers of Sigmar, Otto sent a large army under Grand Master Dietrich Von Halbrecht to aid the tribesmen against the Kaalroens.

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