Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Empire Fleet embarrassed on the Pan Coron Ocean

The years 261PC and 262PC were a turning point for Otto IV's reign over the Holy Sigmarite Empire. His army had been crushed by the Dominion in 261PC and Otto had been forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty effectively betraying his word to the tribes of the Canaur valley.

Worse was to follow. Later in the year the skaven slave fleet returned and ravaged Armaethor and the Empire state of Hoffenland. Fear gripped Sudhafen but the privateer fleet of Galamory promised to crush the skaven raiders. Unfortunately for the Empire and especially Otto, the Empire fleet was sunk by the skaven and Otto's reign looked increasingly perilous.

In 262PC the raiding fleet returned, and once again the privateers set out to defeat the skaven. The outcome was the same however, and the skaven were able to penetrate deeper into the Empire, following the Nimarn valley. The skaven reached as far north as Hellveg, and panicked rioting broke out in Sigmarheim and only the fiery oratory of Julius II managed to stop the mob from looting half the city. Unable to defend his people the Emperor, now 50 years old, retreated into virtual seclusion, and became known as "Otto the weak" by most of the nation.

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